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[we have evidence of a superior culture out there]
[they come from ...god knows where]
[maybe from outer space]
[maybe from some other dimension of existence...]

All the battles that I´ve fought and lost
When I´m asleep they come
All the screams that I´ve screamed unheard
A week wounded soul

[they´ve been manipulating my life since I was a little boy]
[And they never asked permission]
[they never once asked]
[you know what the hardest part is]
[the isolation the ridicule the self doubt]
[half the time you are wondering if you are going crazy]

Dare I open my eyes and see
How much more can they possibly harm me
The frustration
The hurt
The fear
Of a week wounded soul

[for years I´ve worked real hard]
[suppressing all abduction memories]
[now that I remember]
[I´m scared to death almost all the time]
[I know they´ll be coming for me again]
[they always come back]

They´re watching me
They´re touching me
Moving so quick they´re all around me
Ain´t got the right
But say they do
The Shocking Truth

A week wounded soul
A deeply wounded soul

[They are abducting our citizens on a regular basis]
[conducting experiments on them]
[collecting specimens about ova]
[they have been impregnating women]
[and then later invading those women´s bodies again]
[and steeling the unborn foetuses]
[for reasons we can only imagine]