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[Intro: Bobby Creekwater]
Yesssss, ladies and gentlemen (yeah man)
Bobby Creekwater, today´s host
Today´s narrator, yeah
(We do this shit every year around this time)
Today´s what-the-fuck-ever you wanna call it
But I need y´all to sit back, and listen
Listen man (fuck what you write man, just go get ´em)

[Verse One]
An executive mindframe, fuck tryin to rap
Niggaz represent a corner, I refined the map
Artesian water, this is flow untapped
And rep for ´em like Mike on playoff night; that´s if the payoff right
The dream team, Bobby Creek, Em, 50 and them
We ? the City like Diddy and them
The opposition we just pityin them, it´s no chance
Put you niggaz in the special olympics is no dance
I´m nice like a meal twice, nigga no grams
Get them bitches out they pants, I did it with no hands!
See, one thing´s for sure I´m pure uncut
Baby you can either stay down or get gunned up
Mr. Night Life, I can give you niggaz sun up
I just get an order, let my niggaz pick the gun up
That´s when I bone ya, nigga wake yo´ punk ass up
This is ammonia, fuck your face up
Bitches won´t even telephone ya
I can space age pimpin, a pocket full of stone ya
Ya dig? Take the world over that´s the gig
Sell enough units have Paul and Jimmy dancin the jig
Roll the Maserati through the city, me and Riggs
Bumpin Obie Trice, shoot a bird at the pigs
Ever since a nigga got rich
Life is still a bitch but she a high class bitch
I just wanna fuck with me a high class bitch
Nigga pitch that on some eyeglass shit
See I classic, enough to get the mics back right
And I´m a fan of record sales, I don´t like that hype
I´m here to end it

Oh Lord that nigga mean, ain´t he?
Yea, goddamn that nigga clean, ain´t he?
Yea, see he a greedy baby
But some people tend to call him the return of Shady
There he is - goddamn that nigga clean, ain´t he?
Yea, oh Lord that nigga mean, ain´t he?
Yea, see he a greedy baby
But some people tend to call him the return of Shady
Bobby Creek, Bobby Creek...

[Verse Two]
Yea, yeah
Nice like Mike right, you niggaz soft as night lights
Diamond´s a tall order I´m just tryin to get the hype right
I´m throwed off, so hard, so soft, sold out
Bought the Coupe a color of nice weather and rolled out
I can´t hold out, hot like a fish fried
Who the fuck is this guy? The ruler on the disc I
Hit you in your suit coolers, I´m in the Coupe cooler
than pigskin men base runners and hoop shooters
A loose screw ban money like the legendary Roots crew
This is just the shit that I am used to
Oh nah, I don´t bust a chopper but I used to
Now I put the word out - I´m sure you niggaz heard ´bout
Young boss sold money, old school new paint
Ball knowin you can´t, give a fuck what you think
Member of the mighty Shady Records, nigga you ain´t
Think you fuckin with me then double whatever you drink
You can´t fathom what the bitch throwin at him
Couple niggaz hatin on him but the fans waitin on him
like a, PlayStation 3, money for your advance
My vacation fee, ain´t no use in hatin me nigga
And don´t shit-talk pimp, I´d rather flush
anyone with big enough nuts to come and fuck with us
I bust but keep in mind, pressure bust pipes
And you niggaz wouldn´t bust a grape in a fruit fight
What the fuck? (yeah)