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[Chorus: 2x]
Wheels is shinin.. deals we signin.. money´s pilin..
Low, this is how we roll

[John Cena]
Catch me in the black ´llac truck with the pickup back
The game weak, I´ma pick up slack
Hands high like a stick-up jack, fuck your boring rap
This East to West coast hittin like Warren Sapp
I´m fully focused, I walk with a purpose
Y´all are fuckin clowns, you belong in a circus
This is big bid´ness, we don´t stop ´til the money home
Block shakin more buzz than a honeycomb
And I´m a savage in the booth
I´m on some movement shit, about to rally up the youth
Number one seed daddy walkin through the playoffs
You better quit rappin ´fore I start makin layoffs
Fuck a day off, I´m movin heavy for the payoff
You don´t ride to this? We don´t need you, stay off
Hate on this? I don´t care what you said
Y´all can choke on a shit sandwich with no bread


[Tha Trademarc]
I don´t smile as such, buddy, ain´t much funny
You touchy girlie rappers claimin that you fuckin gully
I live poor but look rich, I hit raw, you look bitch
You love me, that´s why you got your style from me
Most sayin Marc Predka´s overconfident
It´s only cause they jeally that my profile is prominent
The dominant factor is the money I´m after
Your opinion ain´t mean shit buddy - I ain´t ask ya
It´s gon´ be what it´s gon´ be
It is what it is and was what it was so watch ya wordplay
Trademarc lay you where the buzzards and birds play
I write rhymes ´til ya boy is heard mayne
Cause alls I got, is my voice and word
Sophisticated rapper the dapper lover the don
It´s on baby pah yeah word is bond
Cut the check and I´ll rock, every word of the song - what now?


[John Cena]
Yeah, yeah... yeah
I got that velcro flow, I´ll make you stick to this
So many zeroes, my monetary is ridiculous
A glass of Chardonnay doesn´t whine like you
I´m an Altered Beast with Einstein´s IQ
Plus I shine bright too and I ride right through
In a leaned out, old school, skylight blue
I don´t think there´s a player nice
Keep your Cristal, I´m shoot Jagermeister
Foot to the floor and you ain´t you keep the pace
Throw me a whore and call me Kobe cause you know that I´ma beat the case
I buy some land, and never even see the place
Vegeterian chicks, go on givin meat a taste
Throw away money like I hate on loot
Copped your CD it sounds great on mute
Words turn ´em to dust makin MC´s disintergrate
My name get traffic like the California interstate, what?