Letra Threat de Jay Z

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Yo what´s up pimp dis threats
That´s right, this - the that´s, this threats pimp
And I´m serious about mine, I´m so sin-surr
And I, nigga I´ll kill ya, I´ll chop ya up
Put ya inside the mattress like drug money nigga

Yeah, I done told you niggaz
9 or 10 times stop fuckin with me
I done told you niggaz
9 albums, stop fuckin with me
I done told you niggaz
stop lyin on me, stop fuckin with me
You niggaz must got 9 lives
9th wonder

[Verse One]
Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya
Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue?
I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song
I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along
Now it´s a duet, and you wet, when you check out
the technique from the 2 techs and I don´t need two lips
To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit
This is a un-usual musical I conductin
You lookin at the black Warren Buffett so all critics can duck sic
I don´t care if you C. Delores Tucket
Or you Bill O´Reilly, you won;t be rylin me up
For three years, they had me peein out of a cup
Now they bout to free me up, whatchu think I´m gon´ be, what?
Rehabilitated, man I still feel hatred
I´m young black and rich so they wanna strip me naked, but
You never had me like Christina Aguiler-y
But catch me down the Westside, drivin like Halle Berry
Or the FDR, in the seat of my car
Screamin out the sunroof death to y´all
You can´t kill me, I live forever through these bars
I put the moves on ya, I put a price on your head
The whole hood´ll want ya, you startin to look like bread
I send them boys at ya, I ain´t talkin bout Feds
Nigga them body-snatchers, nigga you heard what I said

I make ´em wait for you ´til five in the mornin
Put the smocks on the side of your garment
Nigga stop fuckin with me
R. -- I. -- P.

That´s right , nigga I´m wild
Nigga I keep trash bags with me
Never know when you gotta dump a nigga out
This sin-surr, this some sin-surr SHIT right hurr!

[Verse Two]
Grown man I put hands on you
I dig a hole in the desert, then build The Sands on you
Lay out blueprint plans on you
We Rat Pack niggaz, let Sam tap dance on you
Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you
... I put the boy in the box like David Blaine
Let the audience watch, it ain´t a thang
Y´all wish it was frontin, I George Bush the button
pour the oil in your car lift up your hood nigga runnin´
Then lift up your whole hood like you got oil under it
>Your boy got the goods y´all don´t want none of it
Like, castor oil, I Castor Troy you
Change your face or the bullets change all that for you
... y´all niggaz is targets
Y´all garages for bullets, please don´t make me park it
in your upper level, valet a couple strays
from the 38 special, nigga, God bless you


Yeah I´m threatening ya, YEAH I´m threatening ya!
Who you thank you dealin with?
They call me threats, nigga I been makin threats
since I been in kindergarten nigga!
Huh, ask about me, see if you ain´t heard

[Verse Three]
When the gun is tucked, untucked, nigga you die
like numchuks held by the Jet L-I
I´m the one, thus meanin no one must try
No two, no three, no four, know why?
Because one´s four-five might blow yo´ high
You ain´t gotta go to church to get to know yo´ God
It´s a match made in heaven when I [blaow] ´splay the 7
Put you on the nigga news, UPN at 11
Where you been, you ain´t heard, got the word that I´m
[blaow blaow] that I´m so sin-surr?
I´m especially Joe Pesci with a grin
I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again
That´s right


Whattup? Motherfucker I keep three motherfuckers what?
Nigga I´ll throw a Molotov cocktail through your momma´s momma´s house
Nigga what the - where everybody live!
Undercover nigga take your teeth out your mouth nigga
Chew your food up and put the shit back in your mouth nigga
and help you swallow
Nigga I take a mop handle off nigga
>And sweep nigga, nigga what - hold on, I´ll be - nigga what?