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Tommy gun
You ain´t happy less you got one
Tommy gun
Ain´t gonna shoot the place up
Just for fun
Maybe he wants to die for the money
Maybe he wants to kill for his country
Whatever he wants, he´s gonna get it!

Tommy gun
You better strip it down for a custom run
Tommy gun
Waiting in the airport ´till kingdom come
An´ we can watch you make it
On the nine o´clock news
Standing there in palestine lighting the fuse
Whatever you want, you´re gonna get it

Tommy gun
You´ll be dead when your war is won
Tommy gun
But did you have to gun down everyone?
I can see it´s kill or be killed
A nation of destiny has got to be fulfilled
Whatever you want, you´re gonna get it!

Tommy gun
You can be a hero in an age of none
Tommy gun
I´m cutting out your picture from page one
I´m gonna get a jacket just like yours
An´ give my false support to your cause
Whatever you want, you´re gonna get it!

Boats an´ tanks and planes, it´s your game
Kings an´ queens an´ generals learn your name
I see all the innocents, the human sacrifice
And if death comes so cheap
Then the same goes for life!