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Prodigy, Inspecta Deck, Big Punisher
Produced By RZA

from off this
who the culprits that claim to be the newest
rappin bullshit
my rhymes get ruger endorsements
my songs boost inter tec sales through the ceiling
lets talk with guns
convo til the police come
give you a red shirt with a wet hat
to match
first max like its hamburger hill
for real
its red dawn
when the mobb get it on
my outfit
stuck on some wild out shit
all about it
we move gambit
through the overcrowded
pull out long fifths, extend the clips
point the nozzle and shift your back discs
me and the clika
sit down and eat dinner
wake up every morning write a new banger
to strike harder than your best attempt
to sound like P
or the HAVOC

(Inspecta Deck)
fake one take one
no ultimatum
face one theres no escape from
straight from the green
come the great one
my blade swung
decapitate your snake head
slit your snake tongue
make one false manuever
you a mystery unsolved
the mob that revolves automatically involved
muscle bound sound surround commercial thugs
rock turtle dove flowery suits
and purple gloves
me and you could have some fun
make it a blast
you couldnt take the impact
with steel shoulder pads
blood for blood
veteran covered in mud
wounded in the midst of war
still tradin slugs
gettin major love
way above you newcomers
I come thunderin
with the heat of two summers
when I enter the zone
move mountains with the presence alone
before the words rip through the microphone
chrome dipped lyrics are known
to split stone
you private eye home in
but cant seem to clone
Tomado de AlbumCancionYLetra.com
(Big Punisher)
Prodigy Deck and me
QB and Bronx trilogy
lyrically hazardous for your wealth
stealin your royalties
foil your plans boil your grams
take your shines
fold all your hands spoil your mans
makin mines
take all you made
call you gay on Hot 97
drop by your dwellin got the nueve
right behind your melon
aint no tellin when the bullets
behind the trigger
i do it to live niggas and
pulitzer prize winners
you wouldnt survive nigga if i chose you
froze you from ear to ear
showin your whole vocal
who told you
you could roll through
my lyrics practically rose you
from the graves like the crows do
i told you a long time ago
dont ever fuck me
cuz if i leave you half dead
consider yourself very lucky
very ugly from the face up
leave you laced up
Joey crills props
cuban links triple seis