Letra U can't resist de Missy Elliot

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Uh, what´s happenin? What
Uptown, New Orleans in this bitch with VA, you understand?
With this hot girl, Missy
Fuckin with these Uptown Guerillas, you dig?
If it don´t make dollars, it don´t make sense
Do yo´ thing girl

Y´all don´t wanna gimme my props?
I´mma have to lick two shots on my glock
Pop-pop the enemy ´till he drop
Make his whole body go hibbie-to-the-hop
Well I won´t stop ´till I get up to the top
Gotta blow any other state off the block
And I got a whole lotta chedda in my pock´s
You better gimmie giimme five mics, gimme props
Say you sick of my clique and my shit
´Cause I got a whole lotta hits and no tricks
Just a bass line, few snares, few kicks
Make the whole industry wanna go and bit
I say you sit, we sit, I sit
While I go shit on a mix like this
Say you spit, I spit, we spit
But you can´t fuck with a nigga like this
Check me out

[1] - Hatin´ on us but ya can´t resist
If you come hard, better come legit
We gon´ talk shit ´cause we confident
If you think not, then you bound to sit

Hatin´ on us but ya can´t resist
If you come hard, better come legit
We gon´ talk shit ´cause we confident
We gon´ show you so you best believe it

Y´all don´t wanna put me on front
On the front page, all the shit I don´ done?
Now you wanna fuck around and grade my shit?
Let´s talk about the million niggas who bit

It´s only one Timothy from the V.
And the whole industry goin´ beep-beep
Now I gotta go change up my beats
So another nigga won´t duplicate me

Yeah I got styles, got shows, videos
And my shows, it grows, it grows
And I sing, I flow, I blows
And I know y´all niggas know
When I come swift with the one-two kick
If ya got a blunt, got a light, got it lit
Yeah, don´t stop, won´t stop, won´t quit
And I made 1.6 admit, check me out

[Repeat 1]

I´m that nigga that tote them AK´s
B.G. is what they call me
I be in them project hallways
Beef with me, you gon´ be sorry
Me and my niggas´ll shut yo´ block down
We got K´s so, put them glocks down
You scared to come outside
Them Hot Boys got you on lock-down
This nigga here from CMB
Roll with a clique about 20 deep
Cause I made a mill´, it don´t mean
I ain´t gonna keep it real with my peeps
All I have is thugs in my clique
All my nigga´s, they come off the street
Now all of a sudden hoe´s on my dick
Cause I´m on BET and MTV

It ain´t no secret, this nigga be project
Getting paid, that´s what´s my object
Ain´t none of you nigga´s gon´ stop this
Cause I´m ´bout makin´ a profit
I´m all about getting it locked, dog
Don´t wanna be on the block, yo
Cause bitches be makin´ them tye calls
While I be makin´ drop offs
Mannie Fresh, he hooked me up too
To the playa hater´s I say, fuck you
You needs to worry ´bout you
Instead of what to not do
Juvenile don´ hooked up with Missy
Bitches gon´ hate me, bitches gon´ dis me
Alota you nigga´s gon´ miss me
I´mma be here, you gon´ be history

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

If you come hard, better come legit
(Say what? Oh, ah huh)
If you come hard, better come legit
(Oh, uh)
We gon´ show you, so you best believe

What, uh
What, what
What, what
What, what
What, what
Um hmm, Hot boys
It´s all gravy
We out
Gimme that
Gimme that
Oh, gimme that
Gimme that
Gimme that, gimme that
Gimme that
gimme that, gimme that
Oh, yeah