Letra Usual Pitch Patterns In North American English Either Or Questions de Childs

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Pitch goes up on the first choice(s), and it goes down on the last choice.

?? Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?
(*re yuw *ka-fee drinkr *-r*tee drinkr?)

?? Do you have boys or girls?
(D* y* hav bo:-i z*r ger:-lz?)

?? Did you want to talk to them or us or the boss?
(D*-j* wu-n* tak t* theh-m*-russ er th* baw:- ss?)

?? Can we meet on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?
(Kn we mee-#*n Mun-dee, Wenz-dee-y*r Fraider?)

?? Does coffee or tea wake you up? (Which one?)
(D*z ka-fee y*r tea wei-kyu-wup?)

?? Did the boys or the girls win the race? (Which ones?)
(D*d th* bo:-i-z*r th* gerlz winth* reis?)

?? Did you or they or the boss want to talk to us?
(D*-joo-w*r they-y*r th* bawss wa-n* tak! too-wus?)
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?? Is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday better for you?
(*s Mun-dei, Wenz-dei-y*r Frai-#ei be #*r f*r you?)