Letra Wake up de Missy Elliot

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[Missy Elliott]

Eh yo Hov, tell em, hip hop betta wake up


Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up
Yeah, turn the muhfuckin music up

[Verse 1 Missy Elliott]

Motherfuckers betta wake up, stop sellin crack to the black
Hope you bought a spare for your flat
Cant accept me talkin real facts
Down the hill like Janet Jack, i speak what yah weak mind lacks
Yah heard that
Im creative to the fullest what you talkin bout Willace cause your talkin Never kill it
I hear but dont fill it, down we realest
Yah just weet me in the in the village
Yeah im a down diva done niva
Ya´ll not see her he don sqeeze into a wife beater
Yep im a top leader
I got the Martin Luther King fever, ima feed yah what yah teacher need to breat yah
Its time to get seious
Black people all areas who gon´ carry us it aint time to bury us
Cause music be our first love, say i do lets cherish it


If you dont gotta gun (its alright)
If yah makin legal money, (its alright)
If you gotta keep yah clothes on, (its alright)
You ain´t got a cellular phone, (its alright)
And yah wheels dont spin, (its alright)
And you gotta wear them jeans again, (its alright)
Yeah if you tried oh well, (its alright)
MC´s stop the beef lets sell, (its alright)

[Verse 2 Missy Elliott]

Hip hop betta wake up, the bed to make up
Some of ya´ll be faker than a dragon make-up
Got issues to take up before we break up
Like Electra let go miss Selida Baker
I love Jocob, the jury wont fix my place up
Gotta stay up, studio nice to cake up
Now check my flava, rich folks is now my neighbors
I got cable, now check it how i make my paper
Hip hop dont stop be my life saver
Like Kobe and Shaq if they left Lakers
And like a elevator dj on a cross fader
Black wake up i´ll see yah ass later

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 3 Jay-Z (Missy Elliott)]

I need rims that dont listen and boomin system
First piece of change i see im gon´ get one
745 no license to drive
I aint even gotta home i gots to live in my ride, fuck it
I can hear myself but i cant feel myself
I wanna feel myself like Tweet
745 no license to drive
I aint even gotta home i gots to live in my ride, fuck it
Couple of karats in my ear wont hurt
Need a nice chain layin on this thousand $ shirt
Evisu Jeans cover the rectum, i kick game just like David Beckham
Anybody in my way i wet them
Ima be this way until the cops come catch em
To detective sketch em on the sidewalk wit chalk New Yorks infections
Till i got taught a lesson
Couple niggaz gone couple wink corrections
And Marie got 10, Tie got 15 nigga even my kin
Got 5 years bringin 19 in, i just think i used to think like them
Now they gotta live through the pictures that i send em in the pen
Hope you dont start yah life where i end

WAKE UP [x15]

[Chorus x1]