Letra We ride for shady de Eminem

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[Obie Trice]
We run this shit, fo-five on the hip
Been ridin´ for Shady....

Cashis ´n´ O, Shady Records
The dream team...

[Verse 1 - Cashis]

Sittin´ in the back of the, all gray Accura
Gun to the passenger, for acting tough
Scatter wheel in the passin, Harder than assasin
Plus I´m on the draw-down, quick as fuck,
Last move ´fore I give all street shit up
Put a nigga in the ground, face down, feet up
This nigga here tried to cuff me for my Re-Up
When I went to his crib he called police up
Now you on your way to being pimp paplega
For sending messages through bitches like, ´You gon´ see us´
Shady! Cash, king of the dope-fiends, plus
Can move a square mile by blocks ´till I´m creamed up
Take the bullet out of Obie head, put it in my pistol and use it
As ammunition on the niggas that hit, fam
I got to war on the regular, man
Cause I´m part of the dream team, you a regular man
Force rap, I don´t see no competitors, and
You see things like me, when my metal run hand
I´m a state case boy with a federal plan
And huntin´ them beats, beatin´ the shit out skinheads
I´m the spirit of a G, bringin´ lyrics to the street
I´m Cashis, a real dope boy on the beat
Slumped in the seat, tucked, clutchin´ the heat
Basically, you niggas can´t fuck with me

[Chorus - Cashis]
We run this shit, fo´-five on the hip,
´Bout to ride for Shady
Y´all niggas ain´t hard, y´all niggas ain´t real
Y´all niggas ain´t crazy
Bring it on if you want, you don´t know the homicides
That I´ve done lately
We run this shit, fo´-five on the hip
´Bout to ride for Shady

[Verse 2 - Obie Trice]
Yeah, Trice is back on the Alchy track
With Cashis, capitalising on this mic, in fact
We fuckin´ with the captain of rap, my nigga with the Nike cap
Keep the cottonoid in quite exact
So I´m luring you cats into the second class act
Where maturing´s the number uno asset, as yet
Who´s the pastor, driver, O. Trice
The flow to die for and death blow survive
I echo through your external vibe
With internal experiences I´ve acquired
I´m probably the most honest Hip-Hopper alive
A victim, depicting images from my own eyes
Never livin´ through holmes, why
Homie got his own set of stand-up cahoonas, stand-up guy
It´s Cashis, O. Tri´, rappers we blow by
This is as accurate as the masses will have it, no lie

[Chorus - Obie Trice]

[Chorus - Cashis]