Letra What's in it for me de Faith Hill

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Though we had a good thing baby
You pulled the wool over my eyes
I should´ve seen it coming baby
Now all I see is a cool love dying
Honey I don´t want to hold you down
Why you gotta own the lock and the key (oh tell me baby)
A good thing don´t just come around
And you can´t have it for free ( no, not me)

You´ve been a river of give
And an ocean of take
Darlin´ for heaven´s sake

You got me up and down and in between
Actin´ nice and bein´ real mean, hey
Well, you hold me tight then you´re turning your back
Who could deal with that
You say you wanna work it out, boy
Tell me what´s in it for me

You´re living in your own world
You act like I´m just passing through (oh yeah)
And don´t you wanna be happy
Don´t you know how good that could be (oh it could be)
Seems everybody´s tellin´ you something
That they know you just wanna hear
Oh but you ain´t gonna hear it from me

You´ve been a valley of love
And a mountain of need
Baby it´s time you see

[Chorus 2x]

[Guitar Solo]

You´ve been a river of give
And an ocean of take
Darlin´ for heaven´s sake

[Chorus 2x]

Oh in it for me
Ooh in it for me
What´s in it for me
Hey hey hey hey
Oh yea OW!
hey yea yea yea
In it for me