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I remember it well
I was just about three
My dad said
"Son what do you want to be?"
It didn´t ring no bells but I said
"Daddy I´m a bit too young what do you want from me?"

I´m much older now
I´m almost a man
I can do anything, you bet I can
Raise a family
Now wouldn´t that be grand
So sorry but I got bigger plans

You can be anything in the world today
Something like a preacher, a teacher
A baseball player
Those kind of things I just don´t care
I want to represent the USA

The American Dream
As far as the eye I say can you see
I want to be
I want to be the leader of the country

When I´m President
Things will be different
We´ll start a new government
When I´m President
When I´m President
You can be in my cabinet
I´ll be your heaven sent

First things first we´re gonna change the rules
Better listen up all you boys and girls
Your president says there´ll be no after school
So vote for me wouldn´t that be cool

Yeah! Yeah!

Now I know there´s trouble in the Middle East
I´ll spend all the money when I stop the Arms Race
All my brothers in the desert
Gonna have themselves a feast
When that´s done then we´ll start on world peace

So go ask Alice
Cos you know what he said
What did he say?
Remember, "I wanna be elected"