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Aaron Carter America ao
Bang Your Hands To This, Come On
Bang Your Hands To This
I Was Born I Was Raised In The U S Of A
I'm Living In America Ao Ao Ao Ao
And No Matter Wath They Say
I'll Be Living Here Anaway
I'm Loving You America Ao Ao Ao Ao
Come On,

Does That Sounda Little Serious To Do
Has Aaron Carter Turned Red,white And Blue
I'll Be Rolling Like This Since Day One
But I Never Bring It On Your Face
I Have Fun.there's A Time To Get Down
And No Time To Clown Around
Right About Now Time Fix The Frown
Face To Face And Body To Body
We're Gonna Pull Througth
Come On Everybody

Troubledtimes Bring
About Troublet
I Chill You Out,baby
Lemme Clear You Mind
From New Yorkto Cali
Everywhere Inbetween
Nobody Gonna Stop Our Dream

I Was Born...