A A A A A Imprimir

Petey Pablo I swear
I swear, I would lock the door if the cops came and tell em you gone
I swear, I would rest in eternal sleep if they would let you live a little bit more
I swear, Iīd give em my right arm, if they would just leave yo alone
Tell the truth, how much do I love ya
Tell the truth, more than youīll ever know

[Verse 1]
Iīd tell you Iīm tired of it, but nigga I will always be wit ya
Through hell or hot water itīll be me and you nigga
This can go down in the test of time
whether Ripley believe it or not, make it happen once in a lifetime
Kinda hard to find, two niggaz that growed up on two different sides of town
That get down like I get down, and done his like I done mines
Hit it off first time around, and been solid as the foundation under the house
This some, shit for us to brag about (bout it bout it)
We answered the question and never had to take the time to thank out
Thatīs why Iīll ride for my nigga, cry for my nigga
Die for my nigga
Hold ya one hand in the sky for ya nigga
Tell them you gone always remember


[Verse 2]
you know you one of the reasons Iīm still breathin cause without you
I donīt know where in the hell Iīd be
You know lifeīs been hard at home (homeboy)
Thatīs what made us turn to the streets (homeboy)
I think thatīs what had us claimin thugs, sellin drugs
Duckin from the fuckin police, indulgin in
Boughshe women, foolish niggaz
Young, dumb, and off the leash
Outta control, but I wouldnīt change it
If I could I would do it the same (if I can do it)
But if it wasnīt for the game, teachin us game
We prolly would be stuck with the lames (but DAWG)
Somehow we made it, and Iīm glad that I can tell ya today
That my nigga gone always be my nigga
Cuz thatīs the way itīs pose to be


Sometimes I wanna play some ball, Sometimes I wanna walk through the mall
(Sometimes I Wanna play some ball, and just walk through the mall)
Sometimes it aint about the broads, and I just wanna spend some time alone
(Sometimes it aint about the broads, and I just wanna spend some time alone wit my niggaz)
Sometimes I wanna hop in the car, and drive till tomorrow
(Sometimes I wanna hop in the car, and just drive till tomorrow)
Sometimes I wanna pick the phone, just to see whatīs goin on
(Sometimes I gotta pick up the phone, just to see whatīs goin on wit my niggaz)

[Chorus 2x]