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Shyne Quasi o.g.
[Bob Marley - No more troubles]
No no no more troubles.
No more troubles

We aint the problem nigga

[Bob Marley Sample]
We dont need no more trouble, no more trouble

I aint the problem
Solve me, if I am ever solved motherfuckers
Solve the shit
I insist I aint goin nowhere
I hear yaall motherfuckers talking complainin
Its too this.. Its too dogg.. Its too valid yea yea
See what the fuck happens when the CIA conspired?
Distribute crack in my environment, the roosters crow
Man, black people dont own no ports or boats
So tell me how the fuck we gettin all this coke?
Offa knowledge I choke
Spitting up truths hopin
The young youth a soldier hear me dearly
G.W. Bush fear me
They know I know, they want to sweep us under rugs
Hopin we just keep killin, shootin each other with slugs
Look up above and pray to god he protect me
From these cold jurors and the heartless judge
Imagine, grown up and never havent
Faggot ass pops actin like you never happened
Watching the tears stream down yo mammas cheek
She helpless in the kitchen looking for eats

[Bob Marley Sample - no more touble sample]

Yea nigga.. Im here. what the fuck yall gunna do about it? huh?
Do somethin about me
Call my source. ya hear me? feel me?

[Bob Marley Sample - no more trouble sample]
Stop talkin bout. stop talkin bout how fucked up I am
Get me right, save me nigga... huh?

Im a snort away from an overdose
A couple a drug deals from death and too far from hope
I never asked to be here. In this maze to an early grave
Jail cells, guns fights and crack sales
Trying to post bond on this oversized bail
Hopin my vest dont give as the bullets come in hail. *pop pop*
How dare yaall point the finger at me
Cuz Im a straight g. aint that what its supposed to be?
Shit. Im just following the tradition of ?Joe Kenny?
Bootlegging ties with the mob n shit
Capitalism..money and power
Catch me in the trump tower with a honey and powder
I feel the shadows death is comin to an end
My lifes slippin from me, yall niggaz is funny
Tell me shyne po, he cant get that money
FUCK am I supposed to do, nigga starve and go hungry?

[No More Troubles Sample]
Im here. We here. Aint goin nowhere
Problems is startin to happen
And we was at fault?
Nigga this shit has been goin on nigga
300 years motherfuckers
Close ya eyes,listen. hear my heart beatin?
Pos racing, I cant take it
The futures too dark and hopeless for me to face it
Only god knows if I make it
Walking through the depths of hell
Its hard for me to smile
When Im innocent and still, Im facing trial
GOD save me
Secret societies manipulating the dumb def and blind
and yet they want to blame it on shyne
like Im responsible for the countries murder rate
responsible for babies born high off base
this shits is bigger than me, I told yaall Im just a pawn
so is Boy George sippin ?nick bawns?
I hope my babies havin babies pushin rhymes
Its a brighter day if you just let it beyond
To my moms Im sorry for the pain Ive caused
your baby boys dying of a broken heart
got ties to my own blood walking to the eternal fire
crack money in the dryer

[No More Troubles sample till fade]