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Xuan Pablo Reflections
For tí, which time of me, is the reality, plus your you do not know, the paper which the life makes me act, being therefore I can deceive my outer world, but to the heart never. Hoooy I did not recognize, that ví, as opposed to, my reflection not mostro who I am in truth. A day more, than my heart, I must hide, all my to feel, in the end, will know like I am, that I think about truth, that day will arrive. (Choir) Today I did not recognize, who ví front to me, that in my reflection, that I am not I, No longer want to pretend, want to be reality, my reflection did not show, who I am in truth, and my heart to feel to fly, I am not as I want not and I am going to change, does not have thus to be, finjir is not to live, the one that I see frenete my does not hold more. No longer I am going to hide, the one that I am, never more, good day, the love, it will rescue to me, and that day that I am it will reflect