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Monse Life imprisonments
I am caught among life imprisonments,
lost I continue walking with this luck
toward some place that I find love.
A little but of the love forgotten by you,
although this polluted, alone wants to live.

I don't care anything because I am happy
swiming in the oceans with ugly water.
If you left and you left me your name
engraving in the memory of the heart.

I sit down to remember the old times.
On this rock treatment of not crying.
I think in your eyes and I can't avoid it.
I am going to the jail of the solitude.

I go among these life imprisonments.
Today I have no longer seen here again.
Maybe be that you are tired of loving.

We were my been falling the angel of that love,
you were my glory and all my religion,
but it seems that you finishes the happiness.