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Mary Ann Montecarló Franco
(M.A. Montecarlo, A. Colucci)
Duración 4:30

I see you by the window
I know what's your name
But you don't even see me
Throught your blue glass

You live next door
We go to the mine school
But you don't even see me
In our mine class

Oh Franco, Franco
I love you a lot
I see you every morning
I see you every night
Oh Franco, Franco
I love you so much
That I can't think in any thing but you

At least you start to speack me
You said 'Hello I'm Franco
Please tell me what's your name'
Oh, I were dying for this moment

I say you I'm Mary Ann
You tell me you likes me a lot
And I tell you I love you to
But I can't go out with you...

I guess that was my worst choice
I don't know why do that


We start going out
Now I'm a popular
For be girlfriend of yours
Your friends don't stop saying 'When will you doit'
But I'm not sure that's what I want

You tell me to do it
And I tell you that not
You're broken with me
And I'm dying from the inside

I guess I don't want you this way

CHORUS till end