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Mary Ann Montecarló Roses of dracula
So, you think
It's dark over dark
Well I tell you
It's not like that
There's ever light
In all the bad

So, you wish
To be someone else
And you try to be a superstar
And I tell you there's

CHORUS:: Roses of Dracula
Not as dark as you think it is
Roses of Dracula
Apretty flower in the dark
Roses of Dracula
There's ever light in thedark
Roses of Dracula

So, you did all like me
You use my fashion
And my make up style
So, you wrote
All of the rules of the magazines
How to look pretty and beautifull
They're not ever right
They are sometimes wrong
They might made up your mind
But if you think everything's going wrong
Just remember there's


Do you understand what I'm saying
Can you made up your mind please?
You know I'm right
Never hide away
You're right and they're all wrong
At the end all you got is you