A A A A A Imprimir

F L Y Swag Surfin
Oh man i got dat swagg
my hat matches my bag
you know I'm bout to tag
cause man i got dat swagg (2x)
i swagg when i surf
so watch me surf and swagg

Im on hypnotic
with polo on my body
Got a bag of wasabi
and my friend right behind me
cuz(im swaggin ,im surfin {x3})
i put like dish detergent
on patron
yea I'm gone
purple by the zone
Yea I'm smoking strong
And you know I'm wrong
because(I'm swaggin , I'm surfin {x3})
i put like dish detergent

i top off at the club wit a pocket full of ban
big stupid fresh like i'm wrapped up in saran
swagg super cool
blowin strong like a fan
and my chain shinin hard
and ya gave my nigga tan
pockets oh popeye
gettin swoll off dat spinach
peach tree swagg
you can call me mr. linex
bottles in my hand
put it on til i cable
surfin on da stage like i'm
nor kelly

i swagg when i surf(3x)
now watch me surf and swagg, OK

swaggin in da club
you gonna see me throwin money
came here wit a bad chick
and all her friends as fine as her
danks we gonna throw em up
and zap em up
we roll em up
on patron losen in da seat
they got it
i'm gonna drank it up
i'm always wearin polo nigga
that's my favorite mascot
kate on debbie
i don't hessitate dat cash up
kate john steverson
that black and blue jaguar
pockets on half time
i'm always bring bans out


when i hit the club
it's like i gotta catch a wave
biggie boy shawty got me surfin on da stage
curt got me deep somthin like an eddie bowa
and I'm surfin like I'm otto
cuz I got dat rocket power
gone on patron
takin shots like a camal
flat screen shawty
man I'm surfin like da channel
paper towel money
man I'm all about dat couch
and I'm screaming COWABONGA
why your boys wipping out
polo on my body wit da back board swag
red, purple, lable man go take a tan
when I got the shoes
so you know I bought the bag
man then i'm dish detergent with the tide color swag
swag swingin hard
like I'm ? boy ? couple those
shawty I don't want no sad monkey
I'm in the party surfin like I'm standin on a wave
Shawty love my douggie
like i'm ? in a haze