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The Faceless All Dark Granes
Shovels pierce the horizon bridging the barrier
Between what's and what's deceased
And the symbolic nature of all that's between
No matter who or what lies 'neath
Life carries on above unphased by the everlasting
Absence of the slowly rotting
Delving deeper; Darkness falls, corrosion sets in
As life begins to fall apart
Shapeless beings call forthto be one with them
Achieving Immortality Through the process of Decomposition
The selfish request of a treacherous host
Everything does take life, even the eath must feed
Approaching the carren wasteland
Nothing to set one space from another
Lungs collapse from lack of air
Degestion has started
There is no turning back
Atomization occurs forcing fragments
of the former in opposite directions
Some upwards through to the surface
and others into the abyss
To be forever forgotten
For the life will carry on above