A A A A A Imprimir

M2m Dear diary
Verse 1
Dear Diary
Something Good Happened Today
He Finally Called Me By My Name
I Didn't Know How To Behave
What To Say Or Do
I Was So Confused

Verse 2
Dear Diary
I Wanna Talk To Him Again
But Whenever He Is With His Friends
He Keeps Trying To Pretend
But I Already See
The Way He Feels For Me

What Can I Do
Tell Me What Can I Say
When Do I Let Him Know I Feel The Same Way
How Can My Feelings Be So Hard To Show When
I Really Want Him To Know

Verse 3
Dear Diary
He Wrote Some Letters On His Hand
It Wasn't Hard To Understand
I Figured I'm Part Of His Plans
But Now I'm In His Heart
I Don't Know Where To Start


You're My Secret Hiding Place
Where My Private Thoughts Are Safe
And Just One Look And He Will See
What's Inside Of Me

Chorus X 2