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ESL Podcast 338 ? Refusing an Invitation

June: Did you get an invitation to Kelly?s party?

Roberto: Yes, I did. I?m going to send my regrets. How about you?

June: I?m trying to find an excuse not to attend, without Kelly taking offense.

Roberto: Couldn?t you just tell her that you have another engagement that night?

June: I used that little white lie last time I turned down one of her invitations. I have to think of something else.

Roberto: How about telling her that you have to take care of a sick relative? That one always works for me.

June: I?ve used that one, too. I told her that I was looking after my mother the last time she invited me to dinner.

Roberto: How about if you tell her you?re on a special assignment at work and you have to work night and day to get it done?

June: That?s a little far-fetched, don?t you think? I work as a store clerk.

Roberto: You?ve got a point there.

June: What are you going to tell Kelly when you decline her invitation?

Roberto: I?m going to extend an apology and just say that I can?t make it.

June: That?s it? I?d never thought of just saying ?no.?

Roberto: You know the old acronym: KISS ? Keep It Simple, Stupid.
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June: You?re right. Hey! Who are you calling stupid?