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401 - Giving Warnings and Cautions
de English as a Second Language Podcast de Center for Educational Development

Slow dialogue: 1:44
Explanations: 4:34
Fast dialogue: 16:25

Brett: Hi, Mom. Come in. Welcome to my new place. My roommates aren?t here right now or I?d introduce you.

Mom: Hi, dear. This is...uh...nice.

Brett: It is, isn?t it? I know you were a little worried about me moving out and into a house with five roommates. But as you can see, this is a nice place. Let me give you a tour.

Mom: Oh, okay. Isn?t it a little cramped in the house with six people?

Brett: No way! Come on. I?ll show you the rest of the house. Let?s go this way to the kitchen. Watch out for that hole in the floor. I don?t want you to trip. And don?t worry about the ?Do Not Cross ? Police Line? tape. It?s just a joke.

Mom: This is the kitchen? Why are all of your dishes on the floor? What do you keep in your cupboards?

Brett: Be careful opening them! We?re short on closet space so some of the guys keep their clothes and shoes in them. You never know what you?ll find if you open one. We just have to watch our step when we walk around the kitchen. Come on, I?ll show you the bathroom.

Mom: You only have one bathroom for six people?

Brett: We?re guys so we don?t really need more than one bathroom. I just have to pay attention to when people take showers if I want enough hot water for my own shower. Watch your head!

Mom: Too late for the heads up! Something just fell on my head.

Brett: Oh, it?s nothing. It?s just a little problem with the ceiling.

Mom: Look out! I think the ceiling is falling down! This place is dangerous!

Brett: It?s nothing. Don?t worry. As long as we stay alert, this is a great place to live.
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Script by Dr. Lucy Tse