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[Puff] Yeah, here we go
[Mase] Uh Uh
Let´s party again, let´s party again
Let´s party again, let´s party again
[Puff] Can´t be stopped (Uh huh)
Won´t be stopped
[Mase] Let´s dance again, let´s dance again
Let´s dance again
[Puff] Don´t know how to stop
[Mase] Let´s dance again
[Puff] Refuse to stop , All Out, Bad Boy, come on

Yo, everyday I wake up, sick of the homeless
But other than that I´m a Bentley consumer
I get pain, yo´ I cry like you
I get sick, I could die like you
I used to hate my broke days with a passion
Now when I get big money I stash some
See a watch I like, I just grab one
Party and bullshit, book trips have fun (Come on)
Get paid, get money, get dough (That´s right)
Get laid, get honeys, get low (Get low)
Platinum status what I live for
Sold four million now I want six more
Never satisfied just like my mom
With 10 mill´ sitting´ in the treasury bond
When I roll dice just respect my arm
You can´t put me on the level
Cause I´m level beyond

[1] - It don´t matter what you do to me
I can handle what you send my way
No matter what I do today
You´ll still have something to say

It don´t matter what you do to me
I can handle what you send my way
No matter what I do today
You´ll still have something to say

I be M.I.A and M.I.A.M.I
So am I the kid who be so appealing
Live a lifestyle so revealing
Love them M&M´s, the multi millions
So y´all could spit it out, me I live it out
Y´all cats lay away a month then get it out
I´m the first cat in the club all izzy-ed out
Rock iceburg when you thought it was Mickey Mouse
So sit me, I´m pourin´ Cris to the curb
All I got to do is just give a chick a word
Her whole team, you will see a chick with a bird
Messing with Mase you´ll get what you deserve (That´s right)
A buck 50, nah, take a buck 60
Extra 10 good for thinking they can mess with me (Uh)

[Repeat 1]

Yo, you the type in the movies cuddled up
With a groupie hang by, buttered up
I ain´t getting with you, yo´ love her in her gut
That´s the reason why you can´t even bubble up (Come on)
You get your team and huddle up
And come back with enough cream to Double Up
Until then I´mma still be here cooking
Anything I´m pushing, 20 G´s a cushion (Uh)
Why prove this kid is the smoothest
When there´s people that pay me to do this
Pretty color cars is what we cravin´
Six star tele´s is what we stayed in (That´s right)
Any man with me must be made men
We just buy cars, we don´t trade in (Nuh uh)
I don´t need ten statements see what I´m saving
No need for a manager I need an agent (Let´s go)

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

(Come on, come on, come on)

Mase Murda can´t be stopped
P. Diddy can´t be stopped
Blinky Blink can´t be stopped
Big Loon can´t be stopped
Sista Stase can´t be stopped
B.I.G can´t be stopped
Lil´ Kim can´t be stopped
Lil´ Cease can´t be stopped
Junior M.A.F.I.A. can´t be stopped
Big Shyne can´t be stopped
L.O.X. can´t be stopped
Bad Boy can´t be stopped
All Out can´t be stopped
We just can´t be stopped, man
2,000 baby