Letra Wanna hurt mase? de Ma$e

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[1] - Do you really wanna hurt Mase?
Or do you really wanna make me cry?
Or is it really that you envy Mase?
Or you don´t really wanna see me fly?

Do you really wanna hurt Mase?
Or do you really wanna make me cry?
Or is it really that you envy Mase?
Or you don´t really wanna see me fly?

Now you don´t wanna see me angry
Ain´t enough cops or cuffs to chain me
Days to arraign me, KKK´s to hang me, insane me
Ya need ice picks to bang me
Need more than a straight jacket to restrain me
Or more guns with my prints for you to frame me and mame me
Nigga, look at you and look at us
My duns don´t fuss, Harlem win you with a thrush
Nigga you better hush, I can mess out the cave
Niggas still get touched
And them little ones you bust ain´t enough for us
Listen here, Mase´ll make you disappear
And yo´ mouth´ll be the reason that you missed this year
Man who needs ya? You don´t need me, I don´t need you neither
That´s why my next Lex gon´ be a two seater
And the things I do to you won´t leave you beautiful
And though yo´ feelin´ fuck me, I´m feelin´ mutual

[Repeat 1]

From the M to the A nigga dollar sign E
Come around money if you ever tryin´ to find me
I was murder for six years, seen no clean from it
Drop murder off, Mase woke up at Teen Summit
My niggas joke, niggas broke, kill a laugh
I got power, make a call, get a mil´ in cash
Like my money and ya ain´t cuz they don´t tax me
Actually, anything you got to ask me, fax me
I´m no Beamer dreamer, I´m a Bentley man
Car totally smashed threw out 50 grand
How ya figure ya bigger when Mase that nigga
And every style I deliver come with much charisma
Knock it off, now will ya , I´m the one that bitches live for
Don´t get me wrong you niggas make it hot I make it sizzler
And I don´t know you cats, so don´t you get familiar
And if you violate me and mine I guarentee I peel ya

[Repeat 1]

If I ever whisper on a remix, I got C-chips
Time is money, when you talk gotta be quick
I don´t see how ya´ll hang or even be wit
Niggas ridin´ in the Benz with only one V-6
But I know how it is when ya go into the bar
Got girls overreact, they thowin´ you a star
Got niggas player hatin´ don´t even know who you are
And go as far as leavin´ bullet holes in yo´ car
When you´re from Harlem World niggas never see yo´ views
They wait for you to flop or be on BET News
All they see the G´s and jewels, V´s that ya cruise
Being the underdogs, they can´t wait to see us lose
Don´t hate me, thank me
I don´t get mad when nigga´s bitches prank me
Make you cranky to see me places that you can´t be
I´m too pretty to let you niggas shank me
And frankly, know you probably hate me cause you ain´t me

[Repeat 1]