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Change Of Heart
I got your letter stating I'm the only one
Are you forgetting all the damage that I've done
Are you waiting, contemplating why you changed your mind<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
Can't push my luck, good ones are getting hard to find

I'm wondering now if everything will be the same
I feel so empty knowing I'm the one to blame
And all along I never thought I stood a chance
Those lonely hours, memories of you did enhance

Deep in the night when I need you so
You are the light, I can't let you go
You've been the one from the very start
You've got the power, girl, to change a heart
You've got the power, girl, to change a heart

The timing's right for all our diff'rences to end
We've come so far from all the places that we've been
My heart is telling me that you're my closest friend
It's alright, hold on tight, and do it all again
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Chorus: Deep in the night...

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