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(M.A. Montecarlo, R. Santini)
Featuring Ruby Santini
Duración 3:23

Darkness never stop
Darkness's ever here
Darkness ate you ever
When you're alone

You fell in their powers
When you feel lke going down
The dark powers
That make you destroy

Evil power
Darkness power
And you fell in it
Every night
When you're lonely
You feel to need something else
And you fell in dark

But suddelnly you'll feel it
You see that was your worst choice
To unit with dark

You start losing all
'Cos you use dark power
To make your happy life
Now everything's gone


Don't you see?
This is killing you
Your happinesss's going
'Cos you make all with darkness
And they want your soul

If just at time
Then just run out
Or you'll have your pain
As punishment

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Darkness power never stop

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