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I opened up shops in 13th
Dime, dubs, quarter sacks, and ooze
Hand held to digital to triple beam
I'm paid cuz my e-mail to 5th screen
Expanded my game to ? to Federal St
Looked around and had a small wall green
But tha word out on tha street is that u fucked wit my fiends
Them niggas around tha corner then let tha thing beam
Now they done let it burn out hop on tha thing thing
Just another hustle back on my street
Just another piece to my dreams
Plus tha house tha cars are modern dreams
I might ride tha range wit tha Roley on tha rocks
Or push a candy colored cutless wit a matchin T -shirt
When tha spot gets hot don't stop
Find another block and take it from tha top now

(Chorus) Repeat 2x
Greed, Hate, Envy for cake will do
Fuck tha game don't let tha game fuck you
Follow tha rules say cool and rock jewels
Greed, Hate, Envy for cake will do

So you think you good as shit nigga smell me
Shouts out to my nigga NORE
I'll never take another mans glory
Shit don't mix like Shaq and Kobe
Know you know me
I be low key
On these icey roleys Scob done showed me
And hoes adored me
Now they blow me
Them niggas that loaned me now they owe me
Oh me Oh my I can see tha greed and tha envy in yo eyes
Now call me a lie
While you five stare by I stand by tha caption
Hold please now did somebody page Samson
I stay cheap and hi than a hooker on tha weekends
Seven days a week
I walk in yo church freakin
Now Lester called me a heven old fish eyed fool
Bitch had tha nerve to repeat old fish eyed fool


One time out in tha Range Rover (Police sirens)
Ah shit they pulled me over
What tha hell y'all fuckin wit me fo
Speed limit 30 just doin 34
"Yeah son where tha gun"
It's at home wit tha dope
"You a smart ass ha"
Nah that's a lil joke
"How bout I tow yo truck in"
Ain't no need to revolt
Be sides everything in here already been smoked
I ain't got nothing but tapes and CDs
Pockets full of G's two tickets across sea
So me and my boo can lay under the palm tree
If there ain't no more question hand me my ID
You could tell he was bitch
cause tha black in tha black range doin black
things wit his black change
Doin tha right thing
Drivin his ass insane
And if I wasn't in his face he probably be callin me names
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