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Generous Palmstroke

I am strong in his hand, I am beyonds me
On my oun I am human, And I do fault.

I do confess, I feel you a trickeling
Down my shoulders, From above.

I turn myself in, I give myself up
Volunteer, You own me: I'm yours

You have tu trust it, I´m etrnally yours
All that I gave them, I gave to you.

So needy of confort , But too raw to be embraced
Undo this privacy, And put me in my place.

Generous plamstroke, the huges of hugs
Undo this privacy, embrace

Undo this privacy, embrace (3)


I am strong in his hand, I am above
Way beyond me, I...... Con.....

She's strong in his hand, she is beyonds her
On he own she is human, and does fault
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She's strong in his hand (Varias veces)

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