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are you ready?

ain't it funny how time flies, huh?
out of sight, out of mind (yeah right)
once again back it's the incredible
subliminal the infredible d
once down in the dirt,
now i ain't even gotta shave
when i'm goin to work
aight, looks like i'm drinkin tonight,
tomorrow i'll be sippin' on some pedialite (c'mon)

rock, rock to the planet rock, don't stop (c'mon) x2

ain't it funny how time flies, huh?
chit chatter, that shit don't matter
check the flow, i organically grow,
like the weed i for sheezy, be letting ya know
ooh' yeah, kinda feelin' horny,
who that is? what it say? what it look like?
"20 eyes in my head" misfit,
and i ain't never gonna change. (c'mon)

.don't think you know
what the hell i'm all about
(phenomenon, something like a phenomenon)
'.don't think you got
my shit all figured out
(phenomenon, something like a phenomenon)

i'm a make ya bounce ba bounce
ma ma ma move ma move
ba ba ba break you off
a little somethin' like this

ok chaps, let's take it from the top, go
all you hollywood rockstars
hollywood ass, wishin' you had big cash
rollin' like your pimpin'
but you aint really got shit goin'
' cuz you ain't limpin' like the bizkit
you're just sittin' on the sidelines
you just fake kid, if there's a title then i'll take it
who-yah hit ya with the boo-yah..
and i ain't fuckin' playin' around
rock, rock to the planet rock, don't stop (c'mon) x2


what would you do, if this was the end of the world? (x3)
what would you do, if this was the end of it all?

want me tell you what i´d do? c´mon.
i´d turn it on up, (oh yeah?)
and i´d shut it on up (oh yeah?)
and i´d bring that beat back (oh yeah?)
aight then bring it on back, go

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it´s limpbizkit baby.

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