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Mr. Clean tell me is that really you?
I wonder what you've done to become so big and dumb?
but I know you change your lifestyle once again

It's cool to be clean if you know what I mean
when I gave you my favorite Chiquita shirt I gave it to a guy
who is cruel to everyone he meets and who shows the world he's incomplete

Mr.Clean tell me is that really you
I wonder what you've done to become so big and dumb
last time we met you beat me up that was no surprise
though I miss the days you where nice

It's hard to believe that you don't owe me shit
I'm well aware of what is yours and where to draw the lines
at least I have the right to write anything I think is right

Looking back at the days when we were friends
together as one we followed all the trends
but now a friend is less worth than a neggy trend.
Maybe just because I was newly washed like Brandon Walsh
you took notice of me, you thought I was a rockstar some gangster
or a bowling star I don´t believe you babe

you're not the only one who think I am a chiquita dude
well I'm afraid I'm not that rude

I took you to the A-house and even to the punk-palats
those trips made you throw up and after a few nights you took off
to the holm of asp's that's where you belong

When it comes to you it's hard to have an open mind
so I just have one advice, to say....

Walt Jabsco, Walt Jabsco now that's what I call rude
he's the man he's a super dude.

Puffin' again so happy with his friends he can dance even in his car
straight guys should know whatever is on his mind he's got a reason for every season.
Scared to be smart so far he's everything if you're laughing he's laughing too
just don't let him begin 'coz in the end he'll win he's got a reason.

Hole in his head, you always tried to never be lied to
now you understand that he's not your friend
High class my ass, you always tried to never be lied to
now you understand that you have to seek someone else,
What's wrong with someone overweight
big surprise he's coming after you with a reason.

Dreamin' again, but he's not asleep his eyes are open starin'at you
reads your mind trough his pipe and then he tells you that he's got a reason.
Impressive you guess, he couldn't show you less but still you're snowbored
like the funky bros, life must go on and this is just a story, I've got a reason...

You've got so many things going your way today
but still you are lonely and no one listens to the things that you say
depression is a lesson that you really gotta hold on to
or is it fucked up anyway for you

You've got so many things to say but that wont help you anyway
because you're messed up and you're lost in other peoples thoughts

Tough situation you believe that you're afraid of yourself
you're looking around for directions and clues
but you should look somewhere else
cause somewhere inside you you can find the strength you are searching for
or is it fucked up anyway for you

Do it for yourself today you have to find a way so do it for your self.

One day slackin' with no one doing nothing the best way that I can
searching through my records looking for that hero song
I take my slippers and put them on.

In my bed I spend most of my time way to tired to write down a clean rhyme
I say that bed skating is cooler when the trucks are on
please tell me am I right or wrong?

Fazil's friend is here to let you know what it's like when you wanna be the O.S
slackin' on the phone slackin' all alone I'll be nr. one, when I turn O.S

Hila zako hasara kwangu don't know what it means but it's your job to find out
call me up when you got something bad to say and I will listen in my own way.

Try to be someone the best way that I can bothering no one only what's inside me

we lost our luggage and we lost our smiles
we've been the melancholy brothers so many times
when we went down to an unknown club
she did the best she could to cheer us up

Leona said we could go in for free
Leona was so pretty indeed

infected by Madonna she was nr. one
haven't met a girl this clean in a long long time
damn we had to leave I swear we had
no choice but one thing to remember is her
tiny voice

sometimes when you're all alone you're not
expecting much from anyone maybe that's the
reason she was so lovely to me but if I get a super
job then I will work work really hard to get some
money and go somewhere and find a girl like her.

I haven't much to say today because the nowhere album's on
thinking to much about tomorrow and the inspiration's gone
good times bad times seem to be the same
when I'm doing something my mind is always somewhere else

All the talk about the one day plan hasn't got to me
only my memories can make me feel free

Anything I can do anything in the house of blend is where I find my energy

I'm too occupied with my own dreams a numskull in a bed
you tried to disappoint me with the things you said
but now I'm busy maybe in a month
wake me up and fill my empty mind with doubts

Give me something to hate cause I can't go on hating me
give me someone to blame and tell me there's nothing wrong with me
eject me if you can reject me if I come again
consciously I will run into more fun...

You strike get pissed that is just the way it is
use your nose to the melancholy funk sound
we are just a couple of local bowlers hangin' out tonight
leaving all the girls behind

So what's a girl compared to a perfect game
I guess a lot if you find the right one
if I had to choose between a bowl and you
I'm not telling you you're talking it the wrong way

I love the feeling that I get when I strike
that's the only time I feel alive
don't need you baby just need to strike
I love the feeling I get when I strike

You are in trance when you slick into the area
you pass the sa when you're taking of your pumas
the way we bowl is cleaner then the others styles
it's pro but they say we're doing it the wrong way

So I guess you must be crazy to be bowling like we do
it's cool we're doing it our own way
no girls just the rude boys from the south kickin' it slickin' it trickin' it again

Yes that's right bowling is alright the only time I feel alive
is when I'm hanging at the A-house
yes, that's right, pass me those shoes
I'm ready for the perfect game so watch me shoot

If you get upset and don't understand it's quite alright
just follow your instincts physical activity is the way to free your mind
so get on your feet and bowl to the funky beat

You say that most things in life is for free
but I doubt you can be so stupid that you never see.
I say that you and I will near be the same
but you you never listen to what I have to say
so take my piece of advice, always be nice.

And you always said I'm sorry, I wonder why you always felt so sorry

You always lie and never do talk clean you say that I am such a fake
I never asked you to ever be with me I hope that you can see
what you have changed me to I'll never smile again
I'll never talk to you, I hope that you can see
that I don´t want you here that I don't want you.

And you never said I'm sorry I wonder why you never said I'm sorry

I'm In the bar when I should be in front of you
I play the pinball when I really should be skanking
it doesn't matter how many times you ask me up
I appreciate it but it's complicated, I just can't dance baby
I just can't loose myself

I've got an image and I have to live up on to the latest trend
so nowadays I'm macho and have you ever seen a macho
shake or twist his butt, I know your not so I'm not lickin' In on the spot
'cause I can't dance baby, I just can't get in trance

someone told me bad boys don't know why they´re not dancing
someone told me what they say is their only way to slip away

Do you know about the Einstein crew?
Do you know what they do?
They're always drinking never thinking
just looking for someone they can take and beat down
they say they hate that guy, but when I ask how come they don't know why
they're so damn full of hate, but do you think they're
smart enough to hate themselves too?
So now you got your crew behind and behind you even left your mind
come on and step to me.

Kick me and I'll kiss you back, after three six-packs,
hope it feels alright, before I get chance to ask you why
you're so messed up....

Do you know about the Einstein crew?
I hope you do cause they hate you too, next they'll be kicking you
just because you're smarter then their whole crew
some of them where bugging me when I asked them about the history
do you really believe these guys they're stereotypes so stereotype.
But who am I to say, who am I to judge
who would ever listen to a guy called Fudge.

The Einstein crew, I could be your role model,
one or to got their own pro-model, we feel sorry for you,
you're one big problem and one day you'll be sorry to....

Not even close to magic and a failure can't be a star
take a piece of madness and a bit of mystique
pinegals are hard to find,
can you believe it? Do you wanna believe in nerds?
the decision is easy, just follow the yellow bird..

Take it or leave it, the chicken way is here to stay
You better believe it, so watch out for Audeen today..
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Try to chew a rat nut, break a leg and smile
wanna be a looser and wanna be odd
businessmen don't care too much

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