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Always said I would know where to find love,
Always thought I´d be ready and strong enough,
But some times I just felt I could give up.
But you came and changed my whole world now,
I´m somewhere I´ve never been before.
Now I see, what love means.

It´s so unbelievable,
And I don´t want to let it go,
Something so beautiful,
Flowing down like a waterfall.
I feel like you´ve always been,
Forever a part of me.
And it´s so unbelievable to finally be in love,
Somewhere I´d never thought I´d be.

In my heart, in my head, it´s so clear now,
Hold my hand you´ve got nothing to fear now,
I was lost and you´ve rescued me some how-.
I´m alive, I´m in love you complete me,
And I´ve never been here before.
Now I see, what love means.


When I think of what I have, and this chance I nearly lost,
I cant help but break down, and cry.
Ohh yeah, break down and cry.


Now I see, what love means

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