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[Intro: Missy Elliott (Method Man)]
This is an exclusive (let´s go)
Mr. Meth, you´re so Def, you put them other M.C.´s out to rest (that´s right)
And they test (uh-huh), but they forget (yeah) how the M-E-F is so Def (let´s go)

[Method Man]
Yo, uh, come on, come on, now
Big Meth attack soon as the track come on now
Zone out, with Sean Combs and bizzy-bone out (I see you in the club)
And by one, I´m gettin´ thrown out
Mami, got her toes out, ain´t one army can Blaze Johnny
Like Gwen Stafani, you know there´s No Doubt
I´m trill, sick with it, it´s like ill
That´s the only way to explain these mic skills
On Homicide Hill, anybody asks is real
The more steel, the more bodybags to fill
Can I get, hit of that hydro, nigga
I tried to quit puffin´ before, but I´m no quitter
If honey show me her buns, I´ll show her my ones
If the bed rockin´, keep knockin´ and I´mma cum
Want some, take some, I get it crunk
Speak junk, I´ll slow up your road with speed bumps

[Chorus: Missy Elliott w/ P. Diddy doing ad-libs]
When they play this in the club (say what?)
Go and tell that nigga, bump that (say what?)
Throw your hands up, like nigga, what? (say what?)
Ya´ll don´t really really want that (say what?)
And for whatever muthafucka, don´t like it (say what?)
Tell that sucka he can get back (say what?)
Misdemeanor and Meth in your area (say what?)
Are ya´ll ready? Come on, play it back (saw what?)

[Method Man]
You wanna front, what? Step up and get bucked
And if your feelin´ lucky, duck, then press ya´ll luck
Ya´ll got me effed up, over tracks overreact
Once I start, like a bullet, ain´t no holdin´ me back
I´m all that and two mac´s, ya´ll fakin´ jacks
When I cock back like Busta Bust and make ´em clap
Here I go again, who blow in like whirlwinds
Who kiss girlfriends, that kiss they girlfriends
Got to get it, and when I´m gone
Ya´ll bury me with chrome, and tell hell I´m comin´ home
I´m poison, see my skull and crossbones
Got aim like them kids in Iraq who toss stones
And I got drugs in my system, we thugs in the system
That put slugs in victims, Mr. M-E to F, bomb threat
As long as I ain´t no game, there´s no contest


[Method Man]
Ticallion is phatter than your fattest chrome chain
I guess that should explain why I given the dope name
Ain´t nothin´ free, everything got a fee
How the fuck you got a car and ain´t got a pot to pee?
I´ma grown man, so I do grown man things
Why take half, when I can have this whole damn thing?
It´s Meth, baby, drop top, navy Mercedes
I´m number one like P.E. or Tracy McGrady
It´s all good, everything I spit, all hood
And if ya´ll gave me one wish, niggaz, I wish ya´ll would
Who John Blaze? Uh, when ya´ll gon´ learn huh
When I burn son, stick a fork in him he´s done
And ladies love to play, like Ladies Love Cool J
For the right CREAM, the´ll do anything you say
She Ice Cream, I´m caked up with icing
Mr. Sandman, come on, bring her a pipe dream


[Outro: P. Diddy]
Let´s work... come on
Def Jam! Mr. Meth, Missy, Bad Boy
Hitmen baby, let´s work, come on
Let´s work, come on, yeah
Uh, let´s work... aiyo pass that nigga
Joe Hooker, I see you, let´s work, yeah