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[Intro: sample]
"Wanna see the world, ain´t scared to do it
Even if, your shocked by it
Me and you, lost when you do it
By myself, better off bein´ you"

[Intro: Method Man]
Smoke cess nigga, smokin´ that A.K
Norther lights, yeah.. stick ´em!
Uh, ahhh, baby, you know it like a poet, baby doll
Yeah, yeah, crooked letter in, uh uh, S.I., better
known as the crooked letter I
Come on! Self Service

[Method Man]
Y´all know me since ´93, now let that weed burn
Back in this bitch, class dismissed, it´s the return
Of the super sperm, game over, lose a turn
Takes a germ to kill a germ, when will y´all killas learn
Your only as good as your last hit
Soon as you put them automatics on safety that´s it
I calm them bastards, I call them ratchets
Till you blasted, till y´all come ashes to ashes
We make classic, huh, bring you a rougher sound
You either up or down, don´t get that ass kicked
Ya´ll niggaz fuck around, y´all only tough around
The crowds, scared to bust a round, don´t get that ass kicked
What part of the game is this?
I came to break bread, evidently y´all killas came to bitch, nigga
So, whose the whipped nigga, don´t even trip, nigga
Some say they pull trigga, I think they bullshitter
I just begun to fight, if mommy like daddy talk
Then daddy might get him some tonight
Give me, my limelight, give me, my five mics
Give me, some weed and a light to get my mind right
Is he, the illest M.C., to ever play the tough city
To find out it´ll cost you bout a buck fifty
Across your face swiftly, my after taste shitty
Whose built by New Yitty, whose milked like two titties
And I ain´t even got to say my name
I got this duck wit her legs up like, "say my name, trick"
You think it´s all a game, like pussy all the same
I´m speakin´ toilet slang, not seakin´ hall of fame
It´s raw, sushi, stain in your drawers, dooky
Quarter a Lucy, quarter more for a groupie
That like to pop snoopy, think she gon´ pop coochie
Just cuz you got Gucci, don´t mean you not hoochie
Girl, I tell it like a T-I-N
Ain´t no other kids eatin´ till I feed my kids
Trick, oh, you ain´t crushin´, sister, I can´t do nothin´ wit you
My money´s celebate, honey, and we ain´t fuckin´ wit you
I do it for the nookie, some say I´m too pushy
Only thing better than pussy, that´s some new pussy
There that go, looky, it´s gettin´ ugly even
With niggaz so broke, they couldn´t spend a lovely even

[Outro: Method Man]
Yeah, that´s it
Yeah, Method Man has just left the muthafuckin´ building