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You picked up the reciever
on the seventh ring,
and though I don't say my name,
you know my voice right away.

What spills from your lips
is a natural melody,
but the moment when you part with your words
is the happiest of all.

Even the days when things were awful,
when I'm with you, feh, I clear 'em all.
On my rainy days that I can't be with you,
if I hear your voice, automatically
the sun will shine.

It's automatic -
just to be by your side,
just to be able to stare into those eyes-
::thump thump::, it doesn't stop
(I don't know why),
and as for "No," I just can't say it.
I just can't help...

It's automatic -
when I can hold you in my arms
it's as if I'm in paradise with you.
::glitter glitter::, dazzling
(I don't know why),
as soon as I close my eyes,
I feel so good...
It's automatic

Since your ambiguous manner
still makes me insecure,
I'll leave the fact that I've
fallen so far for you
a secret just a little bit longer.

Even on the days when kindness was painful,
You were always willing to tell me the truth.
On the rainy days alone, when I can't cry,
If I just touch this ring,
then hey! The sun will shine.

It's automatic -
just to be by your side;
the inside of my body gets hot.
::whump whump::, I cannot hide it
(I don't know why),
and I can't even breathe-
I just can't help...

It's automatic -
inside the computer screen
that shines "ACCESSING..."
When I try to make my hands type
the ::tacka-tacka:: rattling letters,
I feel so warm.

It's automatic -
just to be by your side.
I don't think it's that I love you-
It's just necessary for me
(I don't know why),
and it's not because I'm lonely,
I just need you...
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