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Verse 1 (Rap)
Yo, I'm a battlestar knight like I'm Jedi,
Rough to the tough,
But I'm sharper than the gleam in your eye,
Galactic battlestar, Like I'm ready,
Ready for the 1 2 check, Get steady,
On your marks, Set Your best,
To throw your hands high,
Heads to the sky,
Keep your eyes peeled,
Listen for the sign,
A trip stage walk wire,
I bring fire,
Til I'm done, Yo,
Cause there can only be one.

How many times,
Does it sound like this,
Here we come again,
The microphone specialists,
Action time,
Take back the track,
Rewind, Sing it for me, One more time.

If you feel the force,
Throw your hands to the sky,
Put your hands up,
Get em' up, Put your hands high,
If you wanna jump,
We can give you what you want,
Put your hands up,
Get em' up, Put your hands high.

Verse 2 (Rap)
I lead the packs,
Like Bruce Wayne leads da batz,
Rocking top hats,
With my verbal attacks,
Yo when I raps, Boogie down,
Can you hear the bell tower ring,
When you're time traveling,
From the funk that I bring,
Fly with me, I'll take you higher,
When I'm walking over fire,
Come on follow the messiah,
I run jump, Skips over battle ships,
Doing lyrical back flips, On the stage that I rips.

Repeat Bridge and Chorus
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Repeat Chorus Until Fade