Letra Break me off de Petey Pablo

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[Petey Pablo]
Man you see that
Everytime they with all them big cars, we can´t get nothin
I don´t like that, I don´t like that at all

I got myself some new funk
And I´m, bout to get funked up, I said
Well you got a lot of cash let me ask where yo maims
Damn where you fro out of town or where you stay
I got myself some new funk
And I´m, bout to get funked up, I said
You should play ball with the sweet game you play
Girl, ain´t no ball playin goin on round here

[Verse 1 - Petey Pablo]
Guess who jumped back in the izzle skizzle
To get every boy on his, brother Tim
Why you fuckin with him, he gone have you shame of yourself
Out on a limb and to far, to call help
I ain´t hatin on him, I just heard it heard from him
He heard it from him, so he must have done it to them
Wait a cotton-pickin minute (Naw) y´all gone head
Get in the bed, hike up ya legs, give him some head
Girl play to win, work until the dick fall dead
I´m just hopin, I can get a chance to poke it myself
Yeah, for shizzle Mrs, Thizzle
My pager number (877 for Petey Pizzle)


[Verse 2 - Missy Elliott]
My man at the crib, nigga what the deal
Look but don´t feel, come on man I came to kill
I think you wanna chill, cause you on the X pills
In Zeffer hills, and make my titties look like the hills
Beg if you will, like I ain´t gettin no deal
My ass give him chills, like a slut in high hills
My body is a meal, like fries in the ville
Now playa look at here, ain´t nothin goin in my rear
My night gown sheer, I know you want to tear
Now can´t you tear my underwear like apple and pears
(Oh Yeah!) Oh yeah sheezy my neezy
7793 come on hit me when you need me


[Verse 3 - Petey Pablo]
Girl I got a half a pund of reffer, a thousand geeker pops
Call up all yo homegirls, see if they can come out
See if they´ll show out, Freek-a-leek or somethin
See if they can boun-bounce over these speed bump-bumps
Make her blow the backdoor down
Make her scream loud (AHHH!)
Like on Girls Gone Wild, breaker break it down, turn it around
(ha - ha - ha) I´m tryin to throw a hooker hip out
Make her stick her tongue out (?) now sit down
Aint but one helicopter pilot in this chopper now
Show her what the chopper´s about, you in Petey´s house
Tu-tu-turn around, make a right and get the hell out