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Let's go
Hurry Up

You are commin' from anywhere to see me
But I never see you
Why do you do all this to flirt me?
If I will never catch your your eye
We will be something when I see you

ABC of love
A,A, Ey I love you
ABC of love
B,B,B B you
ABC of love
C,C,C, See me now
ABC of love
Come on, come on and sing with with me

You want to make me yours
But I'm from someone else
Why do I feel this when I'm with you
And I think
We should be together
And we willbe in a


Let's go
Hurry Up!

C'mon be with me
But a little more closer
C'mon kiss me
And do it tonight
Or we could lose our
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Chorus x2

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