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imma, imma, imma, imma flirt
soon as i see her walk up in the club (imma flirt)
winkin' eyes at me when i roll up on them dubs (imma flirt)
sometimes when i'm with my chick on the low (imma flirt)
and when shes with her man lookin' at me damn right (imma flirt)
so homie don't bring your girl to meet me cause (imma flirt)
and baby don't bring your girlfriend to eat cause (imma flirt)
please believe it unless your game is tight and you trust her
then don't bring her round me cause (imma flirt)

[R.Kelly Verse]
Now swear to tell the truth and the whole truth
When it come to hoes I be pimpin' like i supposed to
rollin' like i supposed to
shinnin' like I supposed to
In the club f**kin' with honeys like i supposed to
I don't understand when a nigga' bring his girlfriend to the club
Freakin' all on the floor with his girlfriend in the club
And wonder why all these niggas' tryin' to holla at her
Just soon as she go to the bathroom, nigga' imma holla at her
A dog on the prowl when I'm walkin' through the mall
If I could man I would probably flirt wit all of ya'll
Yeah yeah, homie you say she your girlfriend
But when I step up to her, imma be like cousin
Believe me man, this is how them players do it in the chi
In plus we got them playerette flirters in the chi
Now the moral of story is cuff your bitch
cause hey, I'm black, handsome, I sing, plus I'm rich, and imma flirt

[T.I Verse]
(imma imma imma)
Homie you ain't gettin' no money you better keep away from me, ya dig?
well if you love ya girl and wanna keep ya girl
don't be walkin' up and askin' me to meet ya girl
cause i'm gonna flirt when i meet ya girl
she winked her eyes on the sly i seen ya girl
better treat ya girl right cause another man will
better eat ya girl cause another man will
cause you leave ya wife and i see ya wife
now be for real how long you think this gonna be ya wife?
and im livin' the life, you just getting it right
ya old lady looking at me cause you ain't hitting it right
she probley used to like you cause you that business type
but thats until i came along and put some dick in her life
wanna see how it is make her thick in her life
i notice she be checking me and digging the ice
yeah forget that tonight better hit that twice
i can even make her mind if i hit that right
you know smack that thing sit that right
on that dresser yeah thats right
you know pulling on her hair like we getting in a fight
yeah i know its kinda tight but it'll sweat just right
so if your girl sexy and she test me
don't be upset g cause you might catch me
tryna catch a glance up her skirt
the McLaren in reverse
if i see it and i like it then (imma flirt)

[T.Pain Verse]
[Imma flirt (remix) lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

lets go yall
when i (uhn)
when i (uhn)
when i (uhn)
when i pull up to the club
all the shawties be like (damn 28's)
then i be like girl you know just who i (am, dont hate)
see i done been in love with a stripper ya'll
all i do is flirt with her then i get them draws
and i don't need no help i got it down pat
teddy pain was born to flirt now you cant down that
imma flirt whether i'm in or out of town
thats why they call me teddy bender ass down
i be like como se llama lil mama me llamo pain what is your name
im feeling your vibe and i'm hoping you feel the same
ima wink my eye and let you know i got the game
when i pass by i know exactly what you say;
(he's so fly) and yes (he's so cool)
hey shawty (hey shawty) what it do (what it do)
he mad cause im lookin' but i already f**ked her
i got these niggas' mad cause imma flirt


[R.Kelly Verse]
its the remix
now if you walk up in the club wit a bad chick
and she lookin at me then i'm gonna hit it
now jackin' for chicks i tried to quit
but imma playa homies so i had to hit it
while you buying her drinks in the club
acting like you in love
stunning like you all thug
we was switching numbers
she lookin' at you when i walk by
you turn your head she wink her eye
i cant help it if she checkin for a platinum type of guy
she be calling me daddy
i be calling her mommy
she be calling you Kelly
when your name is Tommy
i don't know what ya'll be thinkin' when you bring em round me
let me remind you that i am the king of R&B
do you know what that means
that means if you love your chick
dont bring her to the VIP
cause i might leave with your chick
just keeping it real( my nigga')
its a players field ( my nigga')
don't take no chick to the club when you just met her(my nigga')
cause imma flirt wit her
and he gon' flirt wit her
and if she looking that good shit, she gon' flirt wit her

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