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Tell them niggaz that be holdin´ the wall, fuck y´all!!
Hit the flo´ start shakin´ it all, yes ya´ll
What we drinking, we drinking it all
We gon do it ´til we can´t or we fall, last call
Tell them mutherfuckers holding the wall, fuck ya´ll!!
Hit the flo´ start shaking it all, yes ya´ll
What we drinking, we drinking it all
We gon do it ´til we can´t or we fall, Last call

Now look here
I´m gon hit da club man, I´m gon get some love
I´m the coolest nigga ain´t gon spend more than a dub
I will tell dem broads and her chickenhead friend
No Fahrarri, no Jag, no Bentley, or a Benz
Might just play the wall with this mean look on my grill
Act like I´m da hater, the Haitian from Hateville
I remember her I like she don´t remember me
When I was Cadillac, Coupe Deville, and Chicken Head Drillin´

[Chorus with Lil´ Jon & The East Side Boys]

I´m gon get dat fresh fire fade and then I´m gon get laid
Like some finger-waves on pay day, my lady, you gon get paid
Makin a early morning serenade for you to start your day
Or the sound of a starter pistol fired close to where you lay
Last call for alcohol, make a fast call for the hay
The dirtier dot has informed me, The drought has ended today
Wit no delay
And a, four piece brizzle we on our way
For a brief stay in a sweet place and a petite face to play


[Slim Calhoon]
The boy so wild don´t crack no smile
Closet like the wild kingdom, fox makes the crocodile
Pop tops and what we drink, so sit back for a while
Matter a fact, light that, and I´ll be right back
They want a couple more bottles I got something for em to swallow
Anybody ever told you look like a model?
You know the story, she bit the hook line the follow
Got my hooks in the back and I´m a grind until tomorrow
They call me Mac-Rapalicious, and when I bubble
I blow-Trouble up, in your ear
They call me Mac-Rapalicicious, and when I bubble
Its, trouble all up in your ear


Yes, I know when to excite dem hoes
Me coat, reptilian feet, bite them hoes
Got a partner on his mind sick, he say he loved it
So cope strung I strip a bitch, Why he so dumb?
I´m so pimp it´s ridiculous
Got tinted windows on my ride I´m inconspicuous
Bump wit this gritty thang
She ain´t yours you wish she was
We don´t stop, it´s so repeated and continuous
Mello Copone, Don Huggy Bear
Pokey the fuckin´ pimpolous ain´t that cute but stick em out them drawers
I´m so infamous, dead serious!!!
From da club, to da caddy, to da holiday in
From the dusk til the dawn we gon do it again
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