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Will Smith

Men In Black

Here come the Men In Black.
It's the MIBS, uh, Here come the MIBS.
Here come the Men In Black.
They won't let you remember.

The good guys dress in black, remember that,
Just incase you face and make contact.
The title held by me, MIB,
Means what you think you saw you did not see,
So don't blink,
Think what was there but now's gone,
Black suit with your black ray-bands on.
Walk in shadow, move in silence,
Guard against extra terrestrial violence.
But yo we ain't on no government list,
We straight don't exist,
No names and no finger prints,
Saw somethin' strange, watch your back,
Cause you never quite know where the MIBs is at.
Uh and...

Here come the Men in Black...

Here come the Men In Black.
Galaxy defenders.
Here come the Men In Black.
They won't let you remember.

From the deepness of the darkest night
On the horizon, bright light hit the site, tight,
Camera zoom on the impenden doom,
And then like boom, black suits filled the room.
With quickness talked with the witnesses.
Hypnotize ya, normalize ya,
Vivid memories, turn to fantacies.
Ain't no MIBs can I please.
Do what we say, that's the way we kick it,
Ya mean, see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya.
We're your first, last, and only line of defense,
Against the worst scum of the universe.
So don't feer us, cheer us.
If you ever get near us don't geer us,
We're fearless.
MIBs freezin up all the flack.
Whats that stand for?
Uh and

Here come the Men in Black...

The Men in Black...

Let me see you just bounce it with me,
Just bounce wid me, just bounce it with me.
Come on.
Let me see you just slide with me,
Just slide wid me, just slide with me.
Come on.
Let me see you take a walk with me,
Just walk wid me, take a walk with me.
Come on.
Make your neck work.
Now Freeze!

Here come the Men in Black...

Alright, check it.
Let me tell you this in closin'.
I know I might seem imposin',
But trust me, if we ever show in your section,
Believe me, its for you own protection.
Cause we see things that you need not see,
And we be places that you need not be.
So go with your life,
Forget that Roswell crap.
Show love to the black suite,
Cause that's the Men in,
That's the Men in...
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Here come the Men in Black...