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Roll over,
let alice take over
Puppy eyes
puppy eyes
tearing clothes
spitting pride
roll over
roll over
roll over
roll over
pretty please
pretty pledge
chase away
chase away
nasty, nasty, snapping, nasty, biting, spitting, nasty, nasty,
hammer, hammer
teeth, nail,
sit, sit, sit, sit,
bet ya can't beg
bet ya can't blink
bet ya can't do those clever tricks
heel, fetch, run, lie
nasty, nasty, snapping, nasty,
see these eyes
puppy eyes
roll on over and die, die!
Bad dog
you bad dog
you bad dog
you bad dog
play fills up with trouble and spice
nasty, nice, nasty, nice
slip the lead
fight, bite
my bark is softer than my bite
roll over, roll over
mock his chewing, spewing mouthful
hammer, hammer
teeth, nail
bad dog
bad dog
good girl
pat, pat
bad dog
smack, smack
here's a bitch who will give it back
slap, slap
slap, slap
puppy eyes will start to play
this nasty dog will have it's day
This is heaven
this is hell
this is living
this is tale to tell
this is drive wheel
this is cog
this is master
this is snarling dog
this is hammer
this is spanner
this is no sir
this is table manners
this is history
this is how it's been
this is over, and over, and over, and over again
<bad in left ear, good in right ear>
bad, good, bad, good, bad dog
good, bad, good, bad, good girl (repeat to <tv changing>)
<tv changing>
stay tuned for style
<tv changing>
i don't think it was a funny record
i think it made me laugh, you know
it made me cry
<tv changing>
it goes a r t
it goes m o n e y
it goes corruption, corrupt...
<tv changing>
hi boy's and girls i'm derbert nobacon, i'm the transvestite of the group
<tv changing>
i like it, i like it!
<tv changing>