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Intro (Ronsse)
reality's perspective man,
listen to it

Verse 1 (Ronsse)
Picture a man in depression state,
losing fate (what),
smoking looking around the corner cuz the scene's bait(aha),
create the image,
two cops roll past,
he's got two options,
run or catch a case for possession,
he decides to run the cops pull the guns two shots sprung,
ah one to the arm the other to the back they take his crack,
look him in the eyes said "say your goodbyes" cries,
leading to his demise blood dripping from his eyes flashbacks of his son,
he's thinking crack money ain't fun, his life's done,
crooked cops that'd him cursed, leave him in a hearse,
said he tried to bust first it was self defence,
the man was forgotten and pushed into past tense,
to them money is intense, a man's life ain't worth a million cents,
guil tin the conscience, this is nonsense,
it makes me sick to my stomach,
I live my life man I take precaution cuz one way or another
I'll end up in a coffin.

Verse 2 (Gorilla)
A new day has arisen another page in my lifeline,
my pen secretes blood onto paper throughout my lifetime,
this way I share my inner visions,
express decisions,
cuz by music is the only way I'm currently living,
by reducing depression confessing and exchanging knowledge
with brothers and sisters showing that life is a lesson,
spit rhythm and poetry for my people who need it,
hear this look into my mind you'll be able to read it,
communicate and relate to change our newborn's fate,
time is running seconds are lost it's never too late,
resitution's needed in a world covered in sins,
global unity's the only way our species can win,
imagine yourself witnessing the death of your mother,
tears of life drain out yours showing that you love her,
weight collapses on your shoulders and hope is gone,
insanity no longer differentiates right from wrong,
you're left orphaned homeless questioning the purpose of life,
why shouldn't I slit my wrists with this surgical knife,
his eyes shut as he's about to seize his own existance,
isolated he cries his soul out bo nobody listens,
this partial ignorant world makes me sick to my stomach,
thas why I regurgitate reality as if it was vomit,
and emanate compassion for innocent souls lost,
and those who underwent the agony pain and trauma it caused.

Chorus (Gorilla and Ronsse)
We stay undercover like detectives,
keepin open eyes on this game man it's reality's perspective.
never neglect it we livin' in a world that's hectic.
our motive to perfect it in order to protect it.
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Outro (Gorilla and Ronsse)
Yeah Gorilla Ronsse.
That was real ahaha.
Gorilla Ronsse you know you like that.