Letra Sunshine de Five

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Verse 1
All I gotta do, Is get it through to you, You take my hand,
And let me lead you away, Same old words again,
He was just a friend, That's what you told me,
But you're my one and only.

If I tell you something now, I ask myself just how,
You came in to my world, Gotta keep on luvin' you.

So let the sunshine, Wherever you are,
It really doesn't matter, How long, How far,
I took my time, And I realized, You're the only thing,
That matters now in my life.

Verse 2
Just another song, While the beat goes on,
You keep on movin, And I'll bring you the groove,
I guess it's just the way, Nothing left to say,
Hard day every day, DJ take me away.

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

Last Verse (Rap)
Stop, Look, Check, And listen, I freaks the funk,
That will keep you wishin', You're a superstar,
No matter who you are, You gotta keep your dreams,
Cos they're never too far,
Now can you see what I'm tryin' to do,
Realize that what it's never too late now,
Can you feel what I'm tryin to say,
Until the beat, Goes on and on, Until the break of dawn.
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Repeat Bridge and Chorus