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[The Game]
I´ma B-L-double-O-D
Been on songs with S-N-double-O-P
Inside a Ferrari with the D-R-E
Run up I let it sing like Nate D-O-double-G
Walk through 8 Mile, G-Unit´s on my feet
Got a cherry lowrider in the N-Y-C
Eve took me to Philly, never been to the pen
Been to Uptown with 50, seen niggaz in Timbs
I done seen Young Buck scuff Air Force Ones
in Cashville, but Compton is {where I´m from}
Where it´s just me, my son, and my bitch
She graduated when Notorious B.I.G. dropped "Me & My Bitch"
She get them birds past, I put her in first class
And tell her to carry on that Duni & Burke bag
She from Grape Street, she know how to work the mag
And only buy white tees, tell ´em to keep the purple tags
Cause the laces in my Chucks keep the beef crackin
I lay niggaz out like creased khakis
In that G-wagon, lean like the 23´s draggin
I got the whole N-Y-C saggin

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
If you don´t know
(Aftermath, nigga witta attitude) (Game time niggaz, Westside)
Where I´m from
(Nigga witta attitude) (Straight Outta Compton) (We rock khakis and Chucks)
If you don´t know
(Almost lost my life when Dre dropped The Chronic) (Legend in the making)
Where I´m from
(Aftermath, you better watch your colors in the City of Angels)

[The Game]
Y´all niggaz got it fucked up
What you thought cause I´m from Compton I couldn´t do numbers like Usher?
Platinum certified, nigga that´s a mill´ plus
Play both sides of the fence cause the Crips feel cuz´
See me ridin with Nate, nigga it´s still Blood
You can C-walk to this, homey it´s still love
Nigga I´ve been bangin since Mary J. did "Real Love"
(If you don´t know) I painted the Rover black
The West coast is back, I can smoke to that
Moms got the CL-6, that´s a fact
I bought the house, I´m just waitin on the platinum plaques
Niggaz lookin for a cat to jack
Homey I´m willin to do two life sentences back to back
So please don´t push me..
You niggaz is W-N-B-A, all pussy

[Chorus 2x]