Letra Summer bunnies de R Kelly

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Girl, you know you knock me out
You´re a real girl with your looks now baby
Girl you know you knock me out

*Summer bunnies drive me crazy
[repeat 4 times with ad libs]

1,2,3,4 it´s time for me to jet
Where ya goin´ off to?
The beach, that´s a bet
It´s summertime so it´s time to get a summer bunny

Some of those and I won´t call ´em whores
´Cause in the 90s you gotta respect the ladies
So step up to ´em and say, we love you sweet Sadie
That´s how you get your true mock on but
Brothers be steppin´ up poppin´ that sad song

Hey don´t I know you from somewhere?
Can we go somewhere to be alone?
I pull up in the lot, pop the trunks
Make their heads bob
And it´s sunny so it´s time to get a summer bunny


It´s five o´clock and my voice code is 22
So beep, beep, beep, it´s time for me to make a move
I´m on my way to a picnic, we got time
But I wanna be early, fool
So I can catch the new bunnies comin´ in
Like the old school

Strollin´ the block so I can check the scenery
The sun plays, the day is feelin´ good to me
I can just semll the funky beats
You know the flavor in between the sheets

I told my boy Big Al, said just keep it straight
Said, I know I got a novelty to validate
So who´s the bunny lookin´ sweet like a honeycomb?
He said, "No my brother, you got to get your own"


This party is packed, word to the mother
I love it when there´s three bunnies to one brother
And wine coolers is what I´m packin´
And when I get my buzz on is when I start bunny-jackin´

Jackin´ fools for their bunnies
´Cause I´m the K, the E, the double L, the Y
They wanna get with me
And the PAs in the house
So check, check, check it out

My stomach is growlin´ so it´s time to get mine on
Some soul food, Kool Aid and you know it´s on
I hate to eat and run but I´m out my homie
Been invited to a block party

So we roll up in all our style
With the brothers yellin´, summer bunnies


Let´s break it down -
You´re lookin´ feel good with your boots on, baby [3 times]

[ad lib]

[*Repeat to fade]